The (true) Story of Webbigail Vanderquack

By December 3, 2019No Comments

now this IS a true story.

It’s the day we had a call from some guests who asked if they could check-in their little duck.

Sure Thing“..we shouted! But..IS this a joke? Are you out there on this telephone serious“?

YES”..this isn’t a prank booking“… they screamed!

We breed Indian-Runner ducks, and mother duck had 21 little ducklings..(god bless her)

BUT she decided that LITTLE DUCK wasn’t up to scratch”!

OH dear” we said.

There’s NO charge for you two people, but there’s an additional charge for miscellaneous ducks“!

And so….this cute mischievous duck checked-into Free Spirit….along with a couple of  happy humans!

The  End