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Visit https://tahuneadventures.com.au

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“It’s ‘A Must DO”

Tahune Airwalk

It’s a comfortable and scenic 60-minute drive south from Bruny Island….. or 90Min south from Hobart to Tahune, one of southern Tasmania’s must-see attractions.

At Tahune Forest Adventures you can walk high above the forest canopy and share the lives of the forest giants from up-close, looking down to the place where the wild waters of the Huon and Picton Rivers mingle. The 600-metre walkway ends at a spectacular cantilevered platform 50 metres above the riverbank, with views extending to the mountains of the World Heritage Area.

Here you can soar like an eagle from a lofty perch high in the treetops, feeling the wind beneath your wings as you dip and swoop on a thrilling 400–metre cable hang-gliding flight across the Huon River.

The famous Tahune AirWalk is an elevated walkway 30 metres above the forest floor, with the final cantilever section sitting at a height of 50 metres above the Huon River, with spectacular views to the confluence of the Huon and Picton and beyond to the peaks of the World Heritage Area.