EcoShelta Pods

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This isn’t your typical Airbnb on Bruny Island.

Our accommodation pods are proudly constructed by EcoShelta, who have achieved many awards throughout Australia and The Pacific.

EcoShelta has long been part of the sustainable building revolution and makes high quality architect-designed, highly robust, environmentally minimal impact, prefabricated, modular buildings, using latest technologies.

Made from space-age alloy, EcoShelta pods are delightful, luxurious and culturally responsive buildings that feature cutting edge details, materials, finishes and fabrication systems that are carefully selected for minimal environmental impact.

“EcoShelta specialises in environmentally and ecologically sound beautiful places, undertaking the building process in the belief that environmentally responsible buildings can be luxurious and inspiring. We are very careful to select the most environmentally appropriate materials and systems for our buildings to achieve the highest possible aesthetic return for the lowest achievable ecological impact. We believe that if, in the making of buildings, we can lessen the consumption of resources, this not only reduces the detrimental impact of our culture, but can also inspire responsibility in other areas. Ecologically sensitive buildings will come to symbolise a more mature, environmentally aware culture.”