Bruny Island Kayaking

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Expect to be amazed by the beauty and invigorated by the journey around Quarantine Bay

Your Bruny Island Accommodation has available for our guests to enjoy, a comfortable and sturdy two-seater Explorer Kayak. Very easy to use and navigate especially as its equipped with a foot-controlled rear rudder.

The Explorer has waterproof storage compartments- handy for a picnic you may wish to prepare back in your Bruny Island Accommodationis very stable and easy to glide around. Suitable for two adults, or one adult and a child. Beautiful half day adventure with your lunch packed on-board!


Fish from your Bruny Island kayak using supplied rods and/or hand-lines. Of course paddles and life-vests are standard.

Here at Free Spirit pods we can supply a ‘mud-map‘ of areas to explore around Quarantine Bay, and these waters are usually calm and safe to navigate.

Happy to offer advice and assist anytime required…simply ask.