Bruny Island Flora & Fauna

Bruny Island attractions are highlighted by the many beautiful species of flora and fauna. These are a few you will see during your stay with us.

Bruny Island also offers a fascinating array of marine life combined with stunning geological features – sheer sea cliffs and iconic sandstone monuments.

At the right time of year, you are bound to see dolphins, seals, humpback and southern right whales. Dolphins have even been known to come right into Quarantine Bay!

Many species of wallabies and pademelons bound around, potaroos are plentiful, especially at dusk and you may see a cheeky spotted quoll or two darting through the bush.

All 12 of Tasmania’s endemic bird species are found on Bruny Island, the most famous and endangered of them being the Forty-spotted Pardalote. This species now only occurs in a handful of locations in Tasmania, and Bruny Island is one of its strongholds